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Grand Canal

This is a design replete with contradictions.  It is a large and elaborate suspension light, in the vein of a chandelier, and yet its use of a highly reduced, simplified geometry defies such a reading.

It makes use of the latest LED technology, but in its form recalls the low-tech tubular incandescent light bulbs that we used to find in our local electrical supply store on Canal Street in New York, a place which was –at the time when we were starting out as designers—one of the most exciting stores in the neighborhood.

This explains the double meaning of “Grand Canal,” for besides the reminiscence it inspires of gritty New York, it is a large-scale pendant fixture that aspires to a lofty setting such as those found on the famous Venetian waterway .

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Moneo Brock

Aluminum and pyrex capsules, steel tube, LED lamps and associated wiring

150 x 130 x 30 cm