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An ergonomic reinterpretation

The Parábola chair, produced by the furniture company Rolaco, was designed by the architect Luis M. Feduchi, with the collaboration of his son, Javier Feduchi, in 1953.


On this year, they finished the interiors of the Hilton Hotel in Madrid. Italian influences of designers such as Gio Ponti can be guessed as well as the taste for American interiors. However, during the design of this chair, other Scandinavian influences can already be glimpsed. The use of the geometric curve, the parabola, combined with a right angle with which the legs were made, creates the structural frame where the seat and backrest are interowen. Made from painted steel tube, it has numerous finishes that allow its use either interior or exterior, with plastic strips for outdoors.

In 2016, the Architecture and Design Studio, Moneo Brock, is contacted by DAE company in order to reedit the design of Parabola chair and to retrieve this singular piece of design. Belén Moneo Feduchi, granddaughter of the designer, adapts the design carefuly, from a prototype taken from the architect’´s Luis Cubillo de Arteaga collection, softening the contact of the legs with the ground, trying to look for a correct ergonomics in the structure.

The new range of colors and the use of polypropylene twine, update the design at the same time that allows its use for indoor and outdoor spaces.

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Luis M.Feduchi, Javier Feduchi, Belén Moneo Feduchi

Steel frame and polypropylene rope


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