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Camouflage wall

This furniture piece makes maximum use of the intrinsic qualities of its sole material: polycarbonate sheets.


We designed it for our loft in NY, as a dividing partition that could hide our messy worktable as well as provide storage.The transparent colors of the material mix in unexpected ways, and we enjoyed the way the piece camouflaged the disorder of our work area.

20mm thick shelves of transparent polycarbonate rest on modules of vibrantly colored folded sheets of the same material . These modules form cavities for storage on both sides, with the colored sheets weaving from front to back and enveloping the materials stored or displayed.

No tools are required in its assembly. The positioning of the modules can vary, producing countless color combinations. Finally, the modules are designed to nest one inside another when disassembled for easy transportation and storage.

Chromodular Wall is a simplified version for use against a wall. It can be custom ordered for any length and height.

Moneo Brock introduced in 2021 the New Chromodular design with two new materials: steel and Fibracolour panels by Finsa.


These new materials allow different and personalized finishes. The modules can be finished in different ways: lacquered, raw or galvanized steel, perforated or not, even in different metals such as aluminium.

Send us an email to indicating the details of the product you would like to buy and the shipping address and we will get back to you with the final price of the design and an estimated date of arrival in less than 48 hours.


Moneo Brock

Polycarbonate sheets

36 x 195 x 56 cm
36 x 195 x 95 cm
36 x 195 x 134 cm
36 x 195 x 172 cm